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Above, a few samples: (L to R) TOP: Jungle Girl, The Great Gatsby, Land of Terror
 (L to R) BOTTOM: The Golden Apples of The Sun (UK edition), The Case of The Beautiful Beggar, Mosquitoes


A few recent comments about our facsimile dust jackets, none of which were solicited:


Hi John, It's been awhile. I'm living in AZ now, close to CA, so might look you up sometime. Looking forward to another of your amazing Burroughs jackets!
 ---Best, Bob Hunton (order from on April 6, 2008)


"John, the facsimile dust jackets you created are simply gorgeous. The color, design and replication of the originals all exceeded by expectations, which were already very high based on your your web-based descriptions of your process and our previous conversations. They fit the old editions perfectly. Please known that I have already recommended you to several fellow book dealers and friends." 

---Thank you, Jim Malone (March 31, 2008.)


Dear phantom-bookshop-of-ventura,

Hello John. These dustjackets are just wonderful. Now my first edition of DEATH IN THE AFTERNOON looks like it did when published in 1932!! You are a VERY TALENTED artist. I know I will be buying more of these in the near future. Thank you. ---Dennis
---collectorsbooksncards can quote me. I also left 5 star feedback for you John. These dustjackets are just gorgeous!! ---Dennis
--- collectorsbooksncards  (March 28, 2008)


NOTE:   If you need a specific dust jacket and you do not see it listed, 
please inquire, we may have it in stock or can make one for you. 

Our reproduction dust jackets are from older vintage books only

Please allow some time for restoration on some jackets as each is restored from the original source 
material and printed individually. It can be very time consuming in some cases.

If there is an issue about jacket reproduction, please contact us and we will resolve the issue. 
We are a small business and do this service out of pure love for books and the wonderful jacket art we have seen over the 
years in the rare book business.

Our jackets are identified as facsimile dust jackets by a  signed label affixed on the reverse of each jacket.  We are now identifying the jackets as being facsimiles by also printing a notice on the rear flap, tastefully done, as well as my "JAM" monogram on the rear jacket flap panel near the bottom.

Thank you, John Anthony Miller, fine artist, booklover and bookseller


Dust Jackets Catalog
Please inquire if you do not see the jacket you need.


What we offer. Dust jacket reproductions for your books! Our inventory is in the hundreds. These reproductions take time to do, and quality is of the essence. Each dust jacket is trimmed and enclosed in a Mylar jacket protector, formed and ready to put on your book. is a subsidiary of Phantom Bookshop in Ventura, California, USA which is owned by John Anthony Miller, fine artist and bookseller in southern California. Both the bookshop and studio are located in Ventura, California. You can read more about us below. All credit cards accepted, checks, MO's.  We also accept PayPal, our PayPal ID is .

How are these dust jackets made? These are photo-scanned off an original jacket and restored using computerized techniques and then printed on special paper emulating the original dust jacket.

Each dust jacket made in this way is signed in pencil on a label which is affixed on the verso of the dust jacket  by the artist/restorer John Anthony Miller and is dated and indicated that it is a facsimile dust jacket. The artist is acclaimed by having many of his fine artworks in collections throughout the world and is mainly recognized as a master of the miniature engraving and etching. Please visit his website at: which will attest the quality of the work.

Some of the jackets you may want have not been computer-restored at this date and are not shown yet. I am working as fast as time allows, all the while keeping the standards high.

Why should I put a "dust jacket" on my book?
There are many reasons. First we consider dust jackets as an art form. Many of these early dust jackets are quite colourful and beautiful. Secondly, many are nearly non-obtainable or exceedingly expensive (for example Tarzan of The Apes and The Great Gatsby to name two of them). Also putting a dust jacket on a book will protect it from moisture and insect damage as well as general handling. We just like the idea. No book is really "complete" without its dust jacket! The whole thing is a labor of love. I do it because I love the books. I feel they at least deserve some kind of protection like they originally had years ago. 

I have dust jacketed books dating from 1875 and this practice of jacketing books is still being carried on to this day in 2008. Either for protection of the volume or more recently in the early part of the 20th century, for increasing sales to customers, were the main reasons for "jacketing" books. Some jackets are rare, such as those first edition books by Jack London (1876-1916), who used to say 'Let the books show their own true colors!" -- and his legions of readers ripped the jackets off the books  to show the gorgeous bindings of the London first editions. I can't blame them, the books are stunning, but the jackets are very rare! 

Another example of generally rare-to-encounter-jacketed-books are those done for children, such as the "Oz" books written by L. Frank Baum and others. The very first Oz book, "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" published in 1900 came with a simple jacket stamped in sort of pea green colour. All of the other Oz books published until the middle 1960'sl came with colourful dust jackets (40 titles are generally acknowledged as the "canon of Oz"). The children who received these books did not save the jackets. On the contrary, the dust jackets did not last long, usually being discarded immediately to show the colourful pictorial labels on the books. 

Some like the Edgar Rice Burroughs dust jackets, from Tarzan of the Apes onward to Llana of Gathol  are highly prized for their dust jackets, especially those published by the A.C. McClurg Co, who originally published Tarzan of the Apes in 1914. I personally doubt if  50 dust jacketed copies of any A. C. McClurg  Edgar Rice Burroughs title exist today anywhere. Some are notoriously rare. Those that exist are usually in only in fair shape and the dust jacket paper was not of the best quality and did not survive general use. Then of course dust jackets just fall apart over time, especially those from the last century. Did you know that an original dust jacketed Tarzan of the Apes could bring a price of between $35,000-$50,000! An unjacketed copy can bring a price somewhere in the range of $500-$3000 depending on the condition of the book. Think of all the people who just threw the dust jackets away! I wish I had a time machine!

We have shown only a few of the dust jackets we have restored here. We have many more and will be showing them on this website over a period of time. Meanwhile, if you have a book that needs a dust jacket and it is not shown here...just contact us! We will get back to you as soon as we can!

I have seen other companies with some cheaper prices and with a much larger selection of dust jackets. Why should I pay more buying a jacket from you? 

We offer quality and stand behind our product. We have sold many facsimile dust jackets over a long period of time  with just about a 100% satisfaction rate. Also, each jacket was rendered by John Anthony Miller, fine artist, so you will be getting "the artist's eye" in the final product. Each jacket is signed in pencil by John Anthony Miller on the reverse of the image and is indicated that your dust jacket is a facsimile, not an original dust jacket. This way, the image on the front has integrity, the way it was published originally. We use light fast inks and special paper that emulates the original, when we can. 

Although we have many hundreds of books in stock with dust jackets, the dust jackets shown on this website are in stock (unless otherwise noted) and ready to be produced so you will get a rapid shipment. On other jackets, some may have to be copied and hand "in-painted" by the artist, and on some occasions are  hand-assembled using 45 degree joining bevels as some jackets are large (Richard Halliburton book jackets  and "Wizard of Oz" dust jackets are two examples). The finished product will be even more valuable as it is "hand done" with the skill of hand of John Anthony Miller, and signed on the verso. An original work of art? In a technical sense, yes! 

Click on the image to see the quality of artwork John Anthony Miller has been doing for over 30 years

If you have any questions, call us at 805-641-3844. Our e-mail address is: Shipping is $5.50 per order. 

Below we picture of few of the jackets we have. Most of the jackets we have are $20 each.  Some are more, as they are larger, and require more paper and ink. 

We will add to this site over time. Thank you!- John Anthony Miller at Phantom Bookshop in Ventura, California.

Books with facsimile dust jackets from "The Call of The Wild" 1903 (top) 
and "The Grapes of Wrath" 1939 (right)
 Edgar Rice Burroughs

Below are shown a few reductions of the actual reproduction dust jackets
Picture quality has been degraded, please note, to discourage copying

We have most of the Burroughs first edition dust jackets and all of the 
Grosset & Dunlap edition dust jackets from the various Burroughs printings over the years. 
We have just shown a few Grosset & Dunlap editions here.

For the photoplay edition of Dracula by Bram Stoker and starring Bela Lugosi
 1931. Shown above is a reduction of the actual reproduction dust jacket.
Bradbury, Ray. We have most of the first edition dust jackets (and some of the classic UK editions) as well as some of the reprints. Inquire.
Erle Stanley Gardner. Most of the first edition jacket reproductions are available. Inquire.
Photoplay editions: Bram Stoker's Dracula (1931), Jules Vernes' 20,000 League Under the Seas (1917) and more. Inquire. We may have what you want. 
First edition jackets: Inquire. We have many of them. Steinbeck, Hemingway, Jack London, Rohmer, Halliburton, Wells, etc. as well as some obscure authors. Inquire. We will not reproduce current fiction jackets. 
(OZ) L. Frank Baum, Ruth Thompson, Jack Snow, etc. OZ books. We offer Glinda of Oz to Merry Go Round in Oz  reproduction jackets. Most are first edition jackets. Inquire. 
Zane Grey. We have a lot of the first edition jackets, and most of the Grosset & Dunlap jackets. Inquire.


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Customer comments from  Amazon .com  where Phantom Bookshop has its major book database.
Customer comments from "feedback" on eBay. com over the past years.


Who we are.  

John Anthony Miller and Katie Crawford-Miller (a direct descendant of a "Salem Witch" as well as a direct descendant of a Plymouth Rock  Mayflower pilgrim) have been together for 20 years and have run Phantom Bookshop (formally Katie Books) through the highs and lows that accompany this sort of volatile business. Katie processes the orders and if you phone you will be talking to her.  The perfect pair to meet your book needs. 

You can read an interview with John Anthony Miller by clicking on the David de Alba link below. He has a celebrity interview section there that is excellent... which also features a celebrity website that I operate for Buddy Ebsen of Beverly Hillbillies fame, and who also was the original Tin Man in the 1939 The Wizard of Oz..

Where are we located. We are located in the foothills of Southern California along the seacoast about 90 miles north of  Los Angeles. We had an open shop in downtown Ventura, California  for many years but eventually  we decided to operate from our beautiful home here along the rural  foothills of San Buenaventura, California. We also have a warehouse which contains a majority of our stock. 

What we specialize in. We are an out-of-print and used bookshop specializing in the unusual. We are in a constant battle with the big behemoth big chains, who have threatened the survival of  many of the small book businesses. Many of my friends who have owned book shops are out of  business now. Three of my  colleagues have  actually died from the stress that these big book chains put on them-they just could not compete. We have always strived to be unique and be a cut above the chain store mentality.. We aim for personal service for YOU. We thank you for visiting Phantom Bookshop! Give us a try!

We also specialize in new books, Wizard of Oz books, have a good inventory of signed Ray Bradbury books (our favourite author and a wonderful person, and a friend of books as indicated in his immortal classic Fahrenheit 451), Edgar Rice Burroughs, H. Rider Haggard, paper ephemera, VHS videos, Jack London and many other fine books that we think you will really enjoy. We also have many fine new books and current books. We try to get photos of the items when we can, so you may see them. 

Our policies. We offer a return policy if you are not satisfied with a book after 3 days of your receipt. We accept all credit cards and California residents must add California State Sales tax of 7.25%. We ship all over the world, but not too enthusiastic about shipping to certain countries such as the Middle East and Serbia. Please be aware that overseas carriage is always extra! All funds must be in US Dollars. All our books (except those listed on Marketplace are sent via Priority Mail.
We prefer to take book orders through where our book database is located and the ordering is 100% secure for your protection. You can also call us at 805-641-3844 to place a book order or to inquire about a book. All books are subject to prior sale. We try our best to keep current however. We can usually tell you where to get a book if we do not have it. We want YOU to be happy with your relationship with us and we will go the extra mile for you. 

Please check  comments to see what other folks have said about Phantom Bookshop! Our reputation is everything to us! We too, have had bad experiences with buying books over the Internet and we want to make sure you are aware of the possibility that not all booksellers adhere to our high standards. Even if you do not buy a thing from us and have a question about a book's rarity, worth, or if it is first edition, we will help you. E-mail us! We are here for YOU

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If you cannot find your book, let us know and we may be able to find it for you!

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John Anthony Miller. 
Phone: 805-641-3844. FAX: 805-648-2496.
Address: Phantom Bookshop,   Ventura, CA 93003

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